I’ve been shit at loving myself

I’ve realised something and it’s a bit of a wakeup call and feels a little strange. With all the experiences and skills I’ve amassed over my 34 years on this planet AND the vision

Have you struggled with this? …. I have

One of the major things I’ve struggled with throughout my entire life is keeping fit and doing exercise. In the past I couldn’t stand exercising on my own, hated the gym or anything I

Why is asking for help such a tough thing to do?

Why is asking for help such a tough thing to do?….. Past couple of weeks there have been big shifts for me in really positive ways. I’m really happy and very excited about whats

Memory training results are in (very happy)

Module 1 finished of Jim Kwik’s, Kwik Recal Training (http://kwiklearning.com/). Today’s memory exercises results… 1. At the start I could memorise 2/20 words in order and 8/20 in total. 2. At the end I could

Productivity find of the decade?

Today is the first day I’ve been using Tracey Carr’s IFPC http://bestyearever.biz/ software. With my new found zest for streamlining my productivity I’m looking at how to organise my personal and business life more

My email revelation!

It’s 3 days in to my experiment of only checking my emails twice a day. At 10am and 4pm (when working from home). I am stunned out how much time I used to waste

My 1 Year Vegan Anniversary (18th Jan) – The Top 5 Things I Learnt

The day I met Adam, a homeless man…. a human being

I was asked to guess blog for Bridget Hunt’s We Can Be Kind blog last week. Here is the blog, It’s touched a nerve with many people. Thanks for reading it http://wecanbekind.com/2013/12/10/guest-blogger-steve-trister/ Peace xx

Just completed a 10 day silent mediation retreat….. jeeeez :)

I got back on Sunday Vipassana 10 Day Meditation Retreat – http://www.dipa.dhamma.org/ Here are the facts…. 1. 9 and a bit days in Noble Silence – no talking, no looking at, no gesturing to

Obsidian Retreat Review (vegan retreat in Spain)

  You can read all about the retreat by going to http://obsidianretreat.com/ Some lovely pics of the retreat This is how much fat I lost in less than 3 days!  I thinks its 3